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Quality guarantee

For making the joy last long. The Wasserwerk quality guarantee is an expression of our expectations towards our faucets.

It does not only ask for a high quality of each component, but also for consistent controls,

whereby we promise you to meet highest quality standards.

For kitchen faucets

10-year warranty

Wasserwerk stands for high-quality faucets

“MADE IN GERMANY”. Technology, aesthetics,

quality and sustainability are very important for us.

We are convinced of our products and therefore issue

a 10-year warranty on all our Wasserwerk kitchen faucets.

For spare parts

Availability guaranteed for 15 years

We Wasserwerker offer additional

benefits by providing spare part and

customer service. No matter if you ask

for spare parts or accessories, you can reorder

all components of our kitchen faucets and get

advice regarding innovation.