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Over 100 years of history

W. Kirchhoff GmbH looks back on a company history of over 100 years and has long been one of Europe's leading suppliers of sophisticated and high-quality sanitary ware. Since 2021 the company has been manufacturing high-quality faucets in-house at its production plant in Wallenhorst.


Icon Zeitstrahl 1922

Wilhelm Kirchhoff oHG is founded by the brothers Paul and Helmut Kirchhoff as a small manufacturing company for coat hooks in 1922 and coat rack systems.

Icon Zeitstrahl 1945

Start of the production of sanitary bathroom equipment in Iserlohn

Icon Zeitstrahl 1976

Supply of the first DIY stores, department stores and cash-and-carry markets with installation articles, fittings, faucets and shower systems.

Icon Zeitstrahl 1989

Expansion of sales activities to Europe.

Icon Zeitstrahl 2011

Integration of the company, renamed W. Kirchhoff GmbH, into the SCHÜTTE Group in Wallenhorst.

Icon Zeitstrahl 2015

Relocation of the entire operational business to the modern logistics center on Hullerweg in Wallenhorst.

Icon Zeitstrahl 2021

Around 100 years after the company was founded, W. Kirchhoff GmbH launches WASSERWERK, a modern production facility for valves in northern Germany.

Icon Zeitstrahl 2022

KIRCHHOFF celebrates its 100th anniversary.


The most important fundamentals of our owner-managed company



Our passion for craftsmenship!

Turning each of our Wasserwerk faucets into a real masterpiece


Innovation readiness

Our willingness to see innovations and to benefit from them!

Making sure each of our faucets has been tested 100% before leaving our production facility


Quality standards

Our ambition to always set highest quality standards for all our products!

Promising this by providing an individual quality guarantee to each Wasserwerk faucet


Team spirit

Our professional Wasserwerk team!

Thanks to its team spirit and love for the product, each of our faucets is carefully manufactured in liaison of man and machine