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The state-of-the-art WASSERWERK faucet production incl. final assembly, quality assurance and warehouse is located in the German city Wallenhorst. The rural environment also characterizes our production plant. Employees know each other - even beyond the workplace. We place great emphasis on cooperation, distances are short, and cohesion is strong.


Manufacturing that promises quality

Have a look behind the scenes and join us during the exciting process of faucet manufacturing. In a well-thought-out manufacturing process with perfect interaction between man and machine, our excellently trained workers produce only genuine quality products.

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by hand

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Partially automated manufacturing

A partially automated production ensures the highest precision and consistent processing quality of the faucets – even in critical manufacturing steps. In this process, an automated rotary table fastens the selected parts according to exact specifications and under strict control of the employees. In the same work step, the faucets are tested for tightness for the first time.

Final assembly by hand

The final assembly of the high-quality components is carried out by hand. Our focus is on the perfect fit of all components, as well as compliance with all standards in terms of firm assembly and smooth operation.


10-year warranty, 15-year repurchase warranty

A WASSERWERK faucet will faithfully accompany you for many years. We highlight this with a 10-year warranty (see manual for warranty conditions) and a 15-year repurchase warranty on many spare parts such as cartridges, aerators, seals, hoses and much more.



Wasserwerk Quality seal



Guaranteed quality testing

After final assembly, the produced faucet is once again fully tested for leaks. This critical production step is also carried out automatically with the help of a specially developed machine in order to maintain the highest quality standards.

High-quality laser engraving

In attentive detail work, a fine bevel laser is used to precisely place the WASSERWERK logo on the handles of the faucets. If desired, you can replace the WASSERWEK logo with a custom laser engraving .

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Careful final inspection

Before a faucet leaves the WASSERWERK production plant, a careful final inspection is carried out by the WASSERWERK engineers. Each faucet is subjected to a detailed visual inspection. No matter whether there is obvious damage or the smallest deviation in quality. No defect escapes the trained eyes of our experts.

Lovingly packed

Last but not least, every WASSERWERK faucet is lovingly packaged by hand, together with a warranty card and the product manual. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainability, completely avoid plastic and use only renewable raw materials.