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High quality faucets for bathroom and kitchen

Faucets from WASSERWERK consist of selected components of the highest quality and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art process. Whether kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet, the high-quality faucets from WASSERWERK will convince you in every way.


The WASSERWERK quality promise

Always a good choice: sink faucets and basin faucets from WASSERWERK. Find out what makes a faucet from WASSERWERK an absolute quality product and learn how our employees take a lot of work off your hands already during the final assembly.

Icon WASSERWERK Signet Solid faucet body

Icon WASSERWERK Signet High-quality cartridge

Icon WASSERWERK Signet Aerator with anti-limescale function

Icon WASSERWERK Signet Easy installation

Icon WASSERWERK Signet Pre-assembled hoses

Icon WASSERWERK Signet 10-year warranty


10-year warranty, 15-year repurchase warranty

A WASSERWERK faucet will faithfully accompany you for many years. We highlight this with a 10-year warranty (see manual for warranty conditions) and a 15-year repurchase warranty on many spare parts such as cartridges, aerators, seals, hoses and much more.



Wasserwerk Quality seal



The quality inspection

At WASSERWERK, we leave nothing to chance. Every single faucet undergoes several state-of-the-art, partly automated, quality tests during the manufacturing process. In addition, WASSERWERK faucets are checked in our in-house quality assurance department.


Solid faucet body

A solid and resistant faucet body is the foundation of every WASSERWERK faucet. Precisely manufactured from solid material, it guarantees a first-class haptic product experience. From the very first moment you will experience the special quality of a WASSERWERK faucet.



High-quality cartridge

Invisible, yet indispensable. Hidden inside every kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet and equipped with excellent features. The quality cartridge ensures smooth and precise mixing of hot and cold water.

Aerator with anti-limescale function

The high-quality NEOPERL CASCADE© SLC aerator with an aerated jet is noise class tested (noise class I) and thus guarantees low-noise operation of all WASSERWERK faucets. In addition, the mixing nozzle has a special limescale protection surface. This makes it possible to remove limescale easily and conveniently by lightly rubbing with the fingertip, without having to remove the aerator for this purpose.

Easy installation without tools

The central screw connection of WASSERWERK faucets enables an easy and tool-free installation of the faucets in kitchen and bathroom. Simply turn the central screw connection by hand onto the central thread of the faucet, hand-tighten and the faucet has a stable and secure stand.


The central screw connection

All WASSERWERK faucets have a central screw connection based on a stainless-steel threaded rod. For thin worktops, a stabilizer is included which is fitted between the central screw fitting and the worktop and reliably reinforces your worktop.

Pre-assembled hoses

To further simplify the installation of our sink faucets and washbasin faucets, our employees have already pre-assembled all relevant parts including the connection hoses for you. This saves you many work steps as well as the tightening of the hoses inside the faucet.


Sustainable packaging

We use almost exclusively renewable and recyclable raw materials for the packaging of our products. To reduce packaging waste, we avoid all types of plastic as far as possible. In addition, our environmentally friendly inlays reliably protect your WASSERWERK product during transport.

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